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A monster, spell, subclass, etc. is missing from the API / Database. Can I add it?

Please check if the data is within the SRD. If it is, feel free to open an issue or PR to add it yourself. Otherwise, due to legal reasons, we cannot add it.

This reddit post is a good explanation of how this works.

What is the SRD?

The SRD, or Systems Reference Document, contains guidelines for publishing content under the OGL. This allows for some of the data for D&D 5e to be open source. The API only covers data that can be found in the SRD. Here's a link to the full text of the SRD.

What is the OGL?

The Open Game License (OGL) is a public copyright license by Wizards of the Coast that may be used by tabletop role-playing game developers to grant permission to modify, copy, and redistribute some of the content designed for their games, notably game mechanics. However, they must share-alike copies and derivative works. More information about the OGL can be found here.

Can I support this project? Where can I contribute to this project?

Yes! Please! This is a evolving API and having fresh ideas are always welcome! You can open an issue in either repo, open a PR for changes, or just discuss with other users in this discord.

Additionally, there is a separate Docker image for each repo so you only have to run as much as you need.

The repo for the data lives here. The repo for the API lives here.

Can this API be self hosted?

Yes it can! You can also host the data yourself if you don't want to use the API at all. You can also make changes and add extra data if you like. However, it is up to you to merge in new changes to the data and API.

Can I publish is on <insert platform>? Is this free use?

Yes, you can. The API itself is under the MIT license, and the underlying data accessible via the API is supported under the SRD and OGL.

Is there a limit to the number of calls I can make at a time?

Yes. Currently there is a limiter in place for 10k requests per second per IP. This is subject to change if something more practical needs to be enforced.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am not a lawyer, so do this at your own risk. However, one of our users made a wonderful flow chart that can help point you in the right direction. I must stress the point that this is not legal advice though.

Copyrights Flowchart

How can I help fund this project?

To be completely transparent, this project only costs me $7/mo to run. However, if you want to help fund it anyways.

You can also find links on both repos.