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If you wanna skip right into the tutorial, go ahead. We don't mind!

👋 Welcome

Welcome to the D&D 5e SRD API, the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition API!

This documentation should help you familiarize yourself with the resources available and how to consume them with HTTP requests. Read through the Tutorial getting started section before you dive in.

Most of your problems should be solved just by reading through it.

🔒 Authentication

This is a completely open API. No authentication is required to query and get data. This also means that we've limited what you can do to just GET-ing the data.

If you find a mistake in the data, feel free to message us!

😄 Chat

Come hang out with us on Discord! We're friendly and would love to hear what you make with the API!

🤝 Contribute

This API is built from two repositories:

This is a evolving API and having fresh ideas are always welcome! You can open an issue in either repo, open a PR for changes, or just discuss with other users in this Discord.