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Get a rule section by index.

Rule sections represent a sub-heading and text that can be found underneath a rule heading in the SRD.

Path Parameters
index string REQUIRED

Possible values: [ability-checks, ability-scores-and-modifiers, actions-in-combat, activating-an-item, advantage-and-disadvantage, attunement, between-adventures, casting-a-spell, cover, damage-and-healing, diseases, fantasy-historical-pantheons, madness, making-an-attack, mounted-combat, movement, movement-and-position, objects, poisons, proficiency-bonus, resting, saving-throws, sentient-magic-items, standard-exchange-rates, the-environment, the-order-of-combat, the-planes-of-existence, time, traps, underwater-combat, using-each-ability, wearing-and-wielding-items, what-is-a-spell]

The index of the rule section to get.



index string OPTIONAL

Resource index for shorthand searching.

level integer OPTIONAL

Level of the referenced resource.

name string OPTIONAL

Name of the referenced resource.

url string OPTIONAL

URL of the referenced resource.

desc string OPTIONAL

Description of the rule.